Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Checking in on the dream

I realized that I do quite a bit of posting about the SWEET but not much posting at all about the DREAM aspect in this journey of mine. It feels kinda nice to just write about this journey and the obstacles that I've overcome along with the ones that are ahead of me. I know this post may not be as interesting as something slathered in chocolate or swiss meringue buttercream but it's certainly therapeutic for me!

Well, I was accepted into the Orlando Culinary Academy, something I am very excited about. Attending will give me soo many opportunities, including a change of scenery.......BUT....there are few obstacles that have me a little worried, mainly the cost of the education. It's pretty steep and while the idea of being a Certified Pastry Chef is very exciting, the idea of being in debt is not so exciting. There are other options out there that I could obtain for a fraction of the cost but is it worth it? I recently started a new job that I'm rather fond of (at the moment anyway, lol) that requires 6 months of employment in your current position before you can become eligible for transfer so that gives me more time to look over my plans and make possible readjustments. I plan on using this time to look at what other institutions (community colleges or other culinary programs) may have to offer. Spending more time researching this could save me thousands of dollars and I'm always down for saving money.

The great thing about all of this is that I have an amazing husband who's supportive of my plans and is more than willing to pack up and move to the destination of my choice to pursue my dream. The new company I work for has various locations throughout the U.S. (and abroad) so I can go practically anywhere. I'm a southern gal so I don't plan on going too far away. Atlanta? Texas? Who knows!

No matter the choice, they better be ready for me because once I arrive there will be no stopping me!

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