Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wilton Course 1, Class 1

So, I went to my 1st class on Tuesday night along with 2 very good friends of mine. I must say that even in the first night, I left with more knowledge than I went in with. I learned how I could've kept my raspberry filling INSIDE my cake by placing a dam of icing along the edge of the bottom layer. Now, ask me how stupid I felt when she showed us this "technique". I mean, seriously??

That has to be BY FAR the most simplistic idea ever but did I think of it? Well, of course not. Instead, the hubby and I discussed different scatter brain strategies like, cutting a recessed hole in the the top of the bottom layer then pouring the filling inside of it.......... We're such boneheads. lol. Anywho, my project this week is to bake and torte a cake. I'm allowed to bake 1 cake but I can bake 2 if I desire to have a taller, 4 layer cake. We have to put icing on the cake and take it in with us along with 3 additional cups of icing (1 cup Stiff, 1 1/2 cups Medium and 1 cup thin). I can't wait! I will bake my cakes on Saturday and freeze them until monday. I really don't want to drive all the way home just to pick up the cake but I certainly can't leave it in the car all day. And I REFUSE to put it in the refrigerator at work. I am trying to spare any lives that may be lost if someone should decide to get frisky and put their lips anywhere near it. Be ready for my 1st batch of pics on Saturday. Oh my.

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